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Bikram Yoga Burlington offers the original Bikram Yoga series of 26 postures & 2 breathing exercises, practiced in 105°F & 40% humidity.


Bikram Yoga Burlington will join The Boston Bruins, Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC), Department of Children and Families (DCF), and Cradles to Crayons® to collect new PJs for local children living in low income and homeless situations. [READ MORE]

Amanda S.

As a working mom of 3 kids, Bikram Yoga is time for myself. It truly is a 90 minute meditation for me and gives me full body strengthening and…[READ MORE]


The Half Moon Pose gives quick energy and vitality; improves and strengthens every muscle in the central part of the body, especially the abdomen; increases the flexibility of the spine, corrects bad posture, promotes proper kidney function, and helps to cure enlargement of the liver and spleen, dyspepsia and constipation.


  • Bikram Yoga Burlington Presents Rajashree Choudhury Sunday, April 7th, from 10 AM – 2 PM

    Rajashree Choudhury Talks Yoga Therapy
    For the first time, Bikram Yoga Burlington welcomes Rajashree Choudhury for a very special event on Sunday April 7th.

    Rajashree, five-time winner of the National Indian Yoga Championship, is the co-founder of Bikram Yoga Teacher Training program and also has a degree in Yoga Therapy. Rajashree will lead us through a traditional Bikram Yoga class followed by a Q&A on yoga therapy and yoga philosophy. In a separate session, available to all Bikram certified teachers and interested students, Rajashree will deliver a lecture on the Bikram Yoga Pregnancy series.

  • Bikram Yoga Teacher Training April 28th - June 30th, Murcia, Spain

    Interested in joining thousands world-wide who have made the commitment to become a Certified Bikram Yoga Teachers? The perfect candidate has experienced profound physical, mental, and emotional benefits from their practice, and now wishes to join Bikram Choudhury and his family’s goal of spreading the 26-asana series around the world. Just follow the step-by-step application process and join Bikram and his staff at the next nine-week session.