She began practicing almost daily and was amazed at how her fitness level improved. More importantly, Diana noticed that her anxiety was dissipating and the tension and stress that had plagued her for years was now replaced with a sense of calmness. “I didn’t realize just how broken I was emotionally and spiritually until I found the healing and restorative powers of Bikram Yoga.”

Her practice changed in August of 2013 when she returned from vacation and took 141 classes in 134 days. It was during this time that she figured out that come hell or high water she was going to become a Bikram instructor. “Bikram Yoga had improved my quality of life exponentially; I knew I had to find a way to share it with others.”

With the help of her family and the astounding support of the Bikram Yoga Burlington community, Diana left for Los Angeles on April 12, 2014 to attend the Spring 2014 Teacher Training Program. She returned nine weeks later and taught her first class on June 16, 2014. “Stepping onto that podium was at least a million times scarier than taking my first class, but when I looked out at the faces of all the students, and felt the love and encouragement they were sending me, I knew I had made the right decision.”

Diana hopes she can nurture and inspire her students as much as her teachers have nurtured and inspired her. She is consistently buoyed by the courage, energy and enthusiasm of all who step into the hot room and is proud and honored to be able to practice with such amazing people each and every day.

Forthcoming plans for Diana include having dinner with Bruce Springsteen and touching her forehead to her knee – one day, eventually, or in the future…